Sunday, September 24, 2006

going to hell

GricklePants and I have returned from a weekend in the Bay Area, where we attended a wedding, memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The reception was held at St. Vincent's, a totally beautiful place in Marin. Everything looks as though it has been left to decay into ruins and it was awesome to explore the grounds.

As usual, being raised without religion means I have no manners or respect for such icons, therefore I seize photographic moments like this one below. I'm praying for her acid rain-eaten face to be restored and her arms to grow back:

My only comment about this wedding... Apparently, the wedding was straight out of 1982, as evidenced by this cake:

Yes, gentle readers, there is a giant plastic replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as fountains with colored water.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture was almost the most creepy thing i have ever laid my wee eyes upon.......then i scrolled down, and saw the wedding cake.
And no worries about the whole going to hell part, myself and many other friends of yours will most likely be joining you. MUA HAAHhahaha

4:03 PM  

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