Sunday, July 08, 2007

monster island

wow... iceland is the most awesome place on this planet. our 5 days there simply wasn't enough time to see it all (even though it's a very small island.)

we landed right around midnight on saturday night and the sun was just touching the horizon, casting long shadows on everything; and on our bus ride to reykjavik, gricklepants commented that the lava field landscape would be perfect for a godzilla movie. this is true. when godzilla tires of crushing tokyo under his feets he should consider iceland. there he would have the extra benefit of the geo-thermal springs in which to bathe. i imagine even godzilla would appreciate the hot springs of iceland.

there aren't really words to explain just how awesome a place it is. we spent half our time in reykjavik livin' it up with our friends and hosts, tyler and korka, going to bars, seeing icelandic bands play (we saw múm!) and general exploring. we spent the other half driving around the countryside, which was unbelievably amazing.

aww hell, you should just look at our pictures here


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Pretty pictures. T'anks.

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