Wednesday, August 01, 2007

morning scones

we had an abundance of half & half in the house so i have been wanting to find ways to use it up. or maybe i just wanted another excuse to make scones. and use some of the delicious lavender cherry jam vera gave me for my bday. on a super beautiful morning.

whatever the reasoning, i made scones. i decided to smear the round disc of dough with the lavender cherry jam and then folded it in half. i was in a bit of a rush to get them into the oven so that gricklepants and i would have ample time to eat them before he had to go to work, so i probably could've arranged them better prior to baking. they kinda fell over and the jam exploded out. i'm not too picky, though. they were delicious.


Blogger verabee said...

I just ate the crap out of that scone. Thanks, it was real good! The jam tasted almost like honey, it took me forever to realize what it was. But man, I dug it. It would've been even better with some chopped-up rainier cherries mixed in.

1:40 PM  

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