Wednesday, August 01, 2007


the lovely and multi-talented vera obliged me with the recipe for failure cake, so named for its finicky-ness for actually forming a cake. i had a lot of plums, why not make failure cake?

i haven't cut into it yet, but i am pretty much certain it is a failure. the plums were very, very ripe. i added cornstarch to them and even drained excess liquid from the fuckers, but i fear the top crust of the cake hides a goopy, soupy mess of an interior.

however, all is not lost. i ended up with some extra batter (i have lent my springform pan to arlie, so i had to improvise with some other smaller baking vessel) and i pretty much love any food baked/served in a ramekin, so why not combine the extra batter with a ramekin and see what happens? success cakelettes happen, that's what!

having used all the plums i looked for something else and found a too-ripe-for-eating-unless-you're-gricklepants-banana and sliced that up. poured the batter on top and baked it. it's pretty darn tasty, especially since the batter had a bit of cardamom in it. i see many failure cakelette experimentations in my future...


Blogger Otter said...

My god your blog makes me hungry.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Szonjaz said...

O I can't wait to come to Portland and eat! I mean, to see you and gricklepants. And then eat. O I'm gonna bring clothes with drawstrings exclusively. O yeah!

3:08 PM  

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