Thursday, May 11, 2006

...mayhaps not

We did the inspection on the house and it came back with some frightening data. Not only is the electrical system out of date (which wasn't surprising given the age of the house), but it had had some Frankenstein electrical work done which was totally haphazard, posing an immediate threat of electrical fire. The seller would not agree to any concessions for that, or for the 30-foot dead tree in the front yard -- or anything else for that matter!

Now, understandably, older homes have things that need maintenance and modernizing, which as new home owners we would be happy to undertake, but there's no logical reason why we should have to pay for a previous owner's neglect and poor choices.

So we gave a final "eff you" to the seller for being so unreasonable and are moving on in search of something that won't be a money pit.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Okay! I've got some photos up for folks to peruse of our pending house! They are located right, exactly, here! Or just click on "Photos" on our website's homepage.


GricklePants and I have bought a house!

After all these months of searching and searching we finally found a wonderful place. It was built in the 50s and it has retained so much of its original charm -- the kitchen is vintage, and throughout the house there are awesome sputnik-styled lighting fixtures.

So, very soon we shall be reunited with our stuff, which has been sitting patiently in a storage unit. Hooray!

Pictures to follow soon...