Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i <3 doctor hectic & susie cupcakes!

This morning, a co-worker sent an email out saying he had brought in muffins and scones from the Cheeseboard, one of my favorite places in Berkeley. Sadly, being in Portland, I am unable to partake of the goodies. (I wonder if he'd be willing to bring some in next week when I am in the office?) That got me thinking of making muffins and I dug out the "Granny's Muffin House" cookbook I received from Susie Cupcakes and Doctor Hectic. I was paging through it and thinking of the muffins Susie Cupcakes made last fall when she and Doctor Hectic were in SF for OrphanStu & Michelle's wedding, and was on my way to picking a recipe to try during lunch when the doorbell rang.

It was the mailman with a box! Hooray, more fun mail! And lo and behold, it was from Doctor Hectic & Susie Cupcakes! What could it be? Quite possibly, the two best books ever written. I must post quick pics. Sorry for the blurriness.

GricklePants is going to piss himself when he sees this:

And this:

(I'll have clean underpants waiting at home.)

And then, there was this:

And this gem from page 129:
"Wood paneling, like other wall coverings too expensive for wide use in the past, is now readily accessible at low cost. The warm glow of wood is a perfect foil for the spare, clean lines of modern furnishings."

Well don't that beat all. This house is all about the warm glow of wood -- it's in every single room!

Really, I will post pics of the shrine to '59 soon! Stay tuned!