Monday, May 28, 2007

we has kitten

gricklepants and i went to the humane society on friday night because we've been wanting to get a cat. we've talked about it forever but now it feels like life is settling down enough to make room for an animal of some sort. and we came home with the best cat in the world!

we're trying out the name pancake for her, which so far seems to be sticking, except sometimes it comes out as popcorn or petunia or pumpkin instead. that doesn't matter too much since she's a cat and doesn't come when you call her anyway.

but man, is she lovable! she cuddles up with us and sleeps with us and makes biscuits in graham's closet and falls asleep on his pants.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


my weekend in LA provided ample opportunity for me to eat delicious food (& drink quite a bit. then this past weekend friends who love food as much as we do came to visit. more opportunities for tasty foods. i present a pictoral digest:

the pork tenderloin mentioned in the previous post:

shrimp cocktail served in individual shot glasses:

gin gimlet (or, how to make an already good day great):

a well set table in anticipation of the food:

grilled cheese ooze (it looks like mount hood!):

apizza scholls! (after months of trying, we finally got in!):

desserts from pix patisserie:

Friday, May 11, 2007

i am in LA

my sister has just informed me that i have not posted anything in a long time. i can't remember the last time my entire family has been together, but my sister and i are right now at this moment sitting at the kitchen table together at my parents' house while my mother sips wine nearby and my dad is is busy getting 16 lbs pork tenderloin marinating for the big weekend party. and i have not posted anything, she says. fine.

also, my dad has always informed me that the recipe i posted on our website for the pork tenderloin on our website is wrong. i am not going to post it correctly now, but i will quote from the recipe (i don't know the source - i just know it's a longtime family recipe):

pork is excellent when roasted.
roast pork figures as an important ingredient in a great variety of other dishes.

i must take this opportunity to point out that i can find no fault with the above statement. also, my parents are feeding me lots of alcohol.

p.s. my dad says i must point out that this is the best pork tenderloin ever in the history of ever.